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International Assessment for Indian Schools (IAIS)

Official site: http://www.macmillaneducation.in/
The International Assessments for Indian Students, more popularly known as IAIS, has made an attempt to test the students' ability to apply the information to solve problems.

Today's students face a world that demands new knowledge and abilities. 'Knowing the basics', is no longer enough. In the new age global economy, students will need to think critically, to analyze, to extrapolate and to make inferences for success in school as well as in wider social and professional situations.

Exam Format

The language medium is English only. The examination is conducted for all classes from 1st to 12th with the following details.
• For Classes 3 & 4 : 45 multiple-choice / 45 minutes.
• For Classes 5 & 6 : 50 multiple-choice / 50 minutes.
• For Classes 7 & 8 : 55 multiple-choice / 55 minutes.
• For Classes 9 & 10 : 60 multiple-choice / 60 minutes.

• Syllabus
The questions cover a wide range of skills in reading and language and across both literary and factual genres and text types. These include identifying and interpreting the main ideas, themes, points of view, audience and purpose. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and elements of style are also assessed.
The Assessment has been developed so that all students will be able to participate successfully in each paper. Papers are generally ordered from the easiest items to the most difficult items. This means that all students will complete enough of the paper so that diagnostic data can be provided on their performance. Those items towards the end of the paper are designed to provide an opportunity for the more able students to demonstrate a higher level of skill.

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